Iterative Innovation


During a year of R&D it became evident that we could weld plastic bumpers to achieve strong, flexible and neat results after creating a number of prototype tools to acheive this. However during the subsequent trials with local car bodywork specialists, we were overwhelmed by the number of positive reactions and the glowing feedback. This soon resulted in purchase requests and suggestions for further development.



Our contacts in the automotive repair industry, formally asked us if we could further develop the technology.


"Could we design a plastic welder to weld those simple cracks car bumpers sustain during, certain erm... parking misadventures?"


In addition to the attributes of weld strength, flexibility and neatness, two key elements of the design brief were;


"the bumper preferably stays on the car" and

"the finished weld minimises the use of fillers". 


So we had to design a system that had the ability to weld a crack in a potentially undetermined plastic of undetermined depth, from one side only...




"Leave it with us", we said...



The results of the research to fulfil this brief became the prototypes of the technology we now call:


What's Next?


We're currently developing the tools that will utilise the Pinweld technology. While in parallel to this, we've been conducting evaluation trials to gain further insights, and of course gather that all important feedback from industry.



Here are a small selection of videos and imagery of the welder development that led to the Pinweld technology. These include some featuring the earlier (2017) K-Welder and one showing some of the regular testing we carry out with thermal imaging equipment.



Please look out for future updates as we move the technology ever closer to production.



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